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Top 10 recommended qualifications for college students | Introducing qualifications that can be used for humanities

There are probably many people who think that they would like to obtain qualifications while they are still in college in order to use them for future job hunting and careers.

However, just because you have the qualifications doesn’t mean you should have them. In this article, we will introduce a total of 10 qualifications that can be used for job hunting and career.

Even if you want to get a qualification when you become a member of society, it will be difficult to secure time to study because you are busy with work. It is a good idea to work hard to obtain qualifications while you are a university student who has time.

Now let’s take a look at the recommended qualifications! Please use this as a reference when choosing your qualifications!


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10 Recommended Qualifications for University Students


The first is “TOEIC”.

“TOEIC” is the most recommended qualification. “TOEIC” is an abbreviation of “Test Of English for International Communication” and is a universal English qualification test. It is a total of 990 points of English (mainly listening and reading comprehension) test, and “score = your TOEIC qualification”.

Of course, if you want a job that uses English, but in today’s world where business needs to be globalized, there are many companies that use TOEIC scores as one of the points they look at when hiring.

In particular, those who fall under any of the following should start studying as soon as possible.


  • I want to get a job at a major domestic listed company
  • I want to get a job at a foreign-affiliated company or a company that is expanding globally
  • Aspiring to work in the trading company, manufacturer, logistics, travel, aviation, finance, retail, or IT industries
  • I want to get a job that requires English, such as overseas sales or CA
  • I want to work abroad

②MOS (Expert)

The second is MOS (Expert).

“MOS” is an abbreviation of “Microsoft Office Specialist” which is a kind of international qualification. It is a qualification that proves the skill of using Microsoft products such as Word, Excel, and Powerpoint.

So-called computer skills such as Word and Excel are highly likely to be used in any occupation or industry after employment. One of the reasons why we recommend MOS is that you can acquire practical skills while acquiring knowledge.

In addition, since MOS is a national qualification, it is a qualification that is evaluated universally.

By the way, MOS has two levels.


Of course, the expert level requires higher skills, so it is more difficult, but we recommend that you acquire the “expert level” in order to make use of it for job hunting.

MOS is a qualification that can be recommended to any person because it is as versatile as language ability.


③IT Passport

The third is “IT Passport”.

“IT Passport (commonly known as i-pass)” is one of the information processing engineer examinations (*) with national qualifications. I think it’s a little hard to understand, but if you explain it simply, it’s a qualification that can prove basic knowledge about IT.

For example, it is a test that requires basic knowledge about technologies such as AI, big data, and IoT, how to apply those technologies to business, and how to effectively utilize them. .

Of course, you can imagine that this qualification is recommended for those who aim to work in the IT industry, but in recent years, IT has been advancing in all industries, and basic knowledge about IT and knowledge to utilize IT are not enough. It is becoming possible to be sought regardless of. Therefore, it can be said that it is not only for those who aspire to the IT industry, but also for everyone.

(*) Information Processing Technician Examination: A national qualification that certifies knowledge and skills related to information processing, of which there are a total of 12 types. The IT passport is the most basic of them, and it is a qualification with the lowest degree of difficulty.


④ Basic information engineer


The fourth is a “basic information engineer”.

“Basic information engineer” is a qualification that allows you to learn the basic knowledge that IT engineers such as system engineers and programmers should understand. It is one of the same information processing engineer examinations as the “IT Passport” introduced in the third section, and is more difficult than the “IT Passport” and is a qualification for IT engineers.

The IT passport is a recommended qualification for those who do not want to work in the IT industry or IT engineers, but the “basic information engineer” qualification is especially recommended for those who want to work in the IT industry or IT engineers.

The pass rate is said to be about 20 to 30%, and it cannot be said that the difficulty level is low. Therefore, even in job hunting, if you have the qualification of “basic information engineer” while you are a student, there is no doubt that you will be more advantageous than other students.



⑤ FP (financial planner)

The fifth is “FP (financial planner)”.

“Financial planning” is to “make a comprehensive financial plan to realize your dreams and goals in life and plan how to realize it”. In addition, there are six major themes of FP.

  • Life planning and financial planning
  • Risk management
  • Financial asset management
  • tax planning
  • real estate
  • Inheritance, business succession


It may seem difficult at first glance, but you can acquire knowledge about all kinds of “money” familiar to you, such as finance related to household finances, taxes, real estate, mortgages, insurance, educational funds, and pension systems.

In terms of job hunting advantages, it can be said that it is especially recommended for those who aspire to work in the “finance industry”, “insurance industry”, or “real estate industry”.

In addition, although there are several grades for FP qualifications, it is actually “Level 2 or higher” that is useful for job hunting.

If you want to work in the finance, insurance, or real estate industry, you should aim to acquire FP2 level.


⑥ Bookkeeping Level 2

The sixth is Bookkeeping Level 2.

First of all, “bookkeeping” is to “record the money and goods coming and going that occur in doing business” in the first place. To make it a little easier to understand, it is like a corporate version of the household account book.

Why do we need such knowledge? If it is a household account book, it can be easily completed by subtracting rent, utility expenses, food expenses, etc. from income, but it is not so with a company. In companies, there is a huge amount of money movement that cannot be managed without recording transactions one by one. Also, by properly managing them, you will be able to clearly grasp “how much profit you have made in your business” and “how much money you can use at present.”

The purpose of bookkeeping is to prepare financial statements. It is necessary for companies to clarify their financial situation in terms of how much profit they have made in a certain period of time. This process is called a financial statement, and the sales and expenses that are recorded in detail are totaled and finally a financial statement is created.

This kind of knowledge is mainly handled by the accounting and finance department. However, it can be said that it is a recommended qualification not only for those who want to work in accounting and finance, but also for those who want to work in management (such as management planning) and those who want to start a business in the future.

Bookkeeping is qualified from the 3rd grade, but in reality, it is often evaluated for the first time from the 2nd grade or higher. From the point of view that it will be advantageous in job hunting, it is a good idea to aim for “bookkeeping level 2 or higher”.


⑦ Residential building

The seventh is a “real estate broker”.

A real estate transaction specialist (commonly known as a real estate broker) is a national qualification that certifies that you are an expert in real estate transactions. It is a very popular national qualification with about 200,000 people taking the exam every year.

By having the qualification of “real estate broker”, it is possible to explain the matters (important matters) that must be known without fail so that both buyers and sellers do not engage in unfair transactions at the time of real estate sales or rental contracts. increase. By the way, explaining this important matter is a job that can only be done by people who have the qualification of “home building”.

“Real estate” is a qualification recommended for those who aim for the real estate industry, construction industry, and financial industry. Real estate and architecture are easy to imagine, but in the financial industry, buildings and real estate may be used as collateral for loans, and a real estate agent qualification is useful in estimating the value of real estate at that time. .

In addition, in the real estate industry, not only is it advantageous for job hunting, but there are many companies that have a “real estate engineer” qualification and receive an additional salary as an allowance, which leads to an increase in annual income. Highly recommended for those who want to


⑧Secretary test

The eighth is the “secretary test”.

“Secretary test” is an “examination that asks about the knowledge and skills required of a secretary”. It is called a secretary test, but it is actually a test that tests basic business etiquette and common sense that is useful not only for those who want to become secretaries, but also for all students and working people.

The specific knowledge and skills required of a secretary are as follows:


  • General knowledge and communication skills necessary for working as a member of society
  • Business etiquette and business document creation skills
  • Speaking skills such as using correct honorifics and answering the phone
  • Business management knowledge necessary for secretarial work
  • Skills required for support work such as document creation and schedule management

These are essential skills and knowledge to do any job when you become a member of society. You will also be able to make a good impression on the other person during interviews.

It will be useful not only for those who want to become a secretary, but also for employment in the hospitality industry (restaurants, hotel staff, CA, etc.) and general jobs. By the way, the exam not only asks about the business scene, but also the manners of ceremonial occasions, so you can acquire knowledge that will be useful in your private life.

The secretarial test has grades from 3rd grade to 1st grade, but we recommend 2nd grade or higher to make use of it for employment.


⑨Nikkei TEST

The ninth is “Nikkei TEST”.

“Nikkei TEST” is a test that requires economic intelligence sponsored by Nihon Keizai Shimbun.

Specifically, it is a question about the “economy”, including the latest current affairs and news related to the following six fields.

  • Business environment: Issues related to the business environment, such as the strength of the Japanese economy in the world
  • Corporate Strategy: Practical problems related to economic trends and corporate management strategies in response to environmental changes
  • Accounting/Finance: Questions centered on corporate accounting/finance, including practical knowledge of financial instruments
  • Legal/Human Resources: Corporate Governance, Intellectual Property, Employment/Labor Issues
  • Marketing/Sales: Practical questions that ask about new methods such as digital marketing from the basics of marketing
  • Production/Technology: Issues related to technologies such as AI, which are essential for future business and business strategies


These knowledges are essential knowledge for all businessmen in today’s fast-paced modern society. Also, since you can develop the habit of reading the Nikkei newspaper while you are a university student, it is a recommended qualification in that respect as well.

One thing to note is that this qualification does not give you an advantage in getting a job in a particular industry like other qualifications. However, there are cases in which questions about current affairs are asked during job-hunting interviews, so in that sense, it will be easier to break through the interview, and it can be said to be useful for job-hunting.


⑩ Ordinary car license


The last qualification we recommend is an ordinary driver’s license. Compared to other qualifications, the color is slightly different, but we recommend that you keep it while you are a university student.

It takes about three months to obtain a driver’s license. When you become a member of society, you have much less free time than you do as a university student. Therefore, if you want to get a driver’s license after becoming a member of society, you need to use your precious holidays or go to a driving school after work.

Also, in terms of job hunting, it is a qualification that is worth having. It does not mean that the evaluation in the selection will be high, but depending on the job type and company, “holding a normal car license” may be set as an application qualification. For example, in the taxi industry and the transportation industry, it is necessary to ride in a car on a regular basis. In addition, outside the Tokyo metropolitan area, there are many cases in which even sales staff travel to their offices by car.

There are many cases where it will be inconvenient if you do not have a driver’s license after finding a job, so in that sense, we recommend that you obtain one while you are a university student.


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