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7 things you shouldn’t do while in college

As mentioned above, while university students have a wide range of things they can do, they tend to go overboard.

If you let things go too far, you may cause trouble not only for yourself, but also for your parents.

Please check the following so that you don’t get overwhelmed and cause trouble.


Participation in investment seminars

When you look at Twitter or Instagram, you can see posts by college students who are successful in investing.

You may be invited to participate in investment seminars or receive invitations about how to invest, but if you feel suspicious, you need to be ready to refuse.

Some are safe, but some investment seminars may be information product scams aimed at university students.

College students are relatively well off financially, and many of them move to the city without their parents nearby.

However, there are people who try to get students who are not satisfied with just a part-time job and who want to do something big to participate in seminars on how to manage investments and contract information products.

In fact, there are places where fraudulent investment methods using apps have become popular on campus.

Don’t react even if you are approached to invest by seniors in the circle or in the same period.



When you become a university student, you may make friends who are addicted to pachinko or horse racing.

However, once you become addicted to gambling, you may not be able to get out of it.

You may end up spending your monthly living expenses in one lump sum, or you may end up making debts every day.

If you can earn your own money and become independent, you won’t complain about how you spend your money.

However, since you are all students, the source of your money is your parents’ pockets.

Stay away from gambling so you don’t waste the money your parents have given you.


Double billing for smartphone games

Recently, smartphone app games are easier to play than stationary games, so many people have installed them.

Depending on the game you are addicted to, you may have to purchase items to strengthen your character, or you may have to use the gacha to get the character you want.

There is no problem if you charge a small amount, but please do not overcharge until you get the character you want for tens of thousands of yen.

The time to advance the game will be refreshed, so there is no problem.

However, if you spend too much money, it may develop to the point of spending all your living expenses.

Double billing = Don’t be addicted to the pleasure of being told that it’s amazing, let’s try to charge without unreasonableness.


habit of staying up late

When you become a university student, you may work part-time until late at night, and you will have more opportunities to stay up late.

Also, after the age of 20, the number of drinking parties will increase, and the number of opportunities to go home in the morning will gradually increase.

However, if you go home in the morning on a weekday day at university, you may end up sleeping too much and skipping class.

There is no problem if you do it once or twice, but if you make it a habit every time, you may lose your credits.

In fact, there are people who have developed the habit of staying up late and failed to complete the compulsory course two years in a row without being able to attend college.

Let’s keep nightlife moderate and create a situation where you can attend college properly.



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