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Is there a way to get big money now?

A safe way to borrow cash same day

Is there a way to get big money now?

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Is there a way to get big money now?

If you need cash before payday or on the day your account is debited, but you don’t have it ready, you may be wondering which method to borrow money from.

In this article, we will introduce methods and services to safely obtain cash on the same day for those who need money in a hurry. We will explain what you should not do and what you should be careful about no matter how much money you need, so please use it as a reference.

A safe way to borrow cash same day


borrow money at a pawn shop
A pawn shop is a service where you can borrow money on the same day using your personal belongings as collateral. If the loan cannot be paid by the repayment date, the ownership of the deposited item will be transferred to the pawn shop and the money will be used to pay off the loan.

Items left at pawnshops vary depending on the store, but generally include watches, precious metals, musical instruments, branded bags, cameras, and cash vouchers. There is no screening process and you can get cash on the spot you deposit it, so it is recommended for those who want to borrow a small amount of money right away or those who have difficulty passing the screening process at a financial institution.

Note that pawns are originally limited to items that have collateral value, but in reality, they accept items that have no collateral value as pawns and make high-value loans.In reality, they are simply lending at high interest rates. Illegal businesses (disguised pawn shops) also exist. If you have any doubts, check to see if the company is properly registered.

Use credit card cash advance limit
Credit card cash advance is a service that allows you to borrow cash for shopping payments, which is the original purpose of the card. You can borrow and repay as many times as you like within a preset usage limit.

If your current credit card has a cash advance limit, you can borrow money immediately. However, if your card does not have a cash advance limit or you do not have a credit card in the first place, you will need to apply for a new one.

Additionally, cash advances generally have lower credit limits than card loans. Just like card loans, it is subject to total amount restrictions, so if your borrowings from other companies already exceed one-third of your annual income, you will not be able to take out new loans, so be careful.

Borrowing costs interest and fees, so be sure to check this beforehand and plan accordingly.

Apply for a consumer finance card loan
A consumer finance card loan is a service that allows you to obtain financing using a special card. Recently, there are cardless options that do not require a card.

In the case of consumer finance card loans, the screening process can be completed in a relatively short period of time, and there are also services where you can see the screening results on the same day. Also, compared to credit card cash advances, the maximum spending limit tends to be higher. On the other hand, interest rates tend to be slightly higher than bank card loans.

Please note that even with consumer loans, which tend to have a relatively quick approval process, it may not be possible to get a loan on the same day depending on the time of application and the approval status.


While there’s no guaranteed way to make “big money” quickly, as success often requires time, effort, and sometimes a degree of risk, there are some avenues you can explore. Keep in mind that any approach involves certain risks, and it’s essential to exercise caution and conduct thorough research. Here are a few possibilities:

  1. Investing in Stocks: While investing always carries risks, some people have made significant returns by investing in stocks. It’s crucial to educate yourself, consider your risk tolerance, and perhaps consult with a financial advisor.
  2. Cryptocurrency Trading: Cryptocurrencies are known for their volatility, and some individuals have made substantial profits through trading. However, this comes with a high level of risk, and the value of cryptocurrencies can be unpredictable.
  3. Real Estate Investment: Investing in real estate can be lucrative, but it often requires a significant initial capital investment. You might consider options like real estate crowdfunding if you don’t have the resources for full property ownership.
  4. Entrepreneurship: Starting and scaling a successful business can lead to substantial financial gains. However, entrepreneurship involves risks, and not all ventures succeed. Conduct thorough market research and planning before starting a business.
  5. High-Paying Freelance Gigs: If you have specialized skills, you can try to secure high-paying freelance gigs in areas like programming, design, or consulting. Building a strong portfolio and networking can help attract well-paying clients.
  6. Day Trading: Day trading in financial markets involves buying and selling financial instruments within the same trading day. It requires significant knowledge, discipline, and risk management, as it can lead to both gains and losses.
  7. Professional Sports or Entertainment: If you have exceptional talent in sports, entertainment, or a related field, pursuing a career in these areas may offer opportunities for significant earnings.

It’s important to note that all these options come with varying levels of risk, and success is not guaranteed. Moreover, chasing quick profits can lead to significant losses. Always do thorough research, consider the risks involved, and, if needed, seek advice from professionals in the specific field you’re interested in. Keep in mind that building sustainable wealth often involves a combination of strategic planning, hard work, and prudent decision-making over time.


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